Research, Development, Innovation and Quality Policy

Last Update: 14 March, 2017

INOVRETAIL follows its mission by delivering solutions that provide a never seen before in-depth insight on how customers interact with the Retail Space and its sensorial ecosystem, providing Retailers with unique tools to make fact based business decisions regarding the store environment strategy and initiatives.

Thus, INOVRETAIL RDI+Q Policy constitute continuous customer satisfaction through recognition of the quality of these solutions and anticipating their needs, undertaking to:

  • 1. Comply with customer, regulatory and legal requirements;
  • 2. Ensure the reliability of the expected results obtained through the management and control of processes;
  • 3. The shareholders with the management define the strategic orientation;
  • 4. Ensure the confidentiality of information provided by customers to perform the desired solutions;
  • 5. Contribute to the improvement of technical capacity and performance through training and awareness of employees;
  • 6. Motivate and encourage employees to participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of RDI+Q Management System;
  • 7. Oversee the development of the external and internal surroundings to promote creativity that ensures customer satisfaction;
  • 8. Establish collaborative relationships and cooperation with different partners;
  • 9. Make knowledge endogenous;
  • 10. Continually improve the effectiveness of implemented management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and NP 4457;
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